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Our history

Our company was born in 2013 thanks to the meeting between the Iranian couple of designers Hooman and Sepideh and the partner Fabrizio, who will then be joined by the fourth partner Beatrice, all united by the passion for Persian culture, design, craftsmanship and culinary tradition, which materializes in the opening of the first shop in the center of Lecco.

Here, in a familiar and intimate context that evokes Persia in all its many aspects, the Company focuses in the early months on catering, offering customers, increasingly numerous and enthusiastic, the dishes of good ethnic cuisine enriched by a design unique presentation of the dishes.

In the following year, thanks to the consolidated success, the restaurant business expands with the sale of exclusive products coming directly and only from Persia, and in particular the public is offered a selection of the essences of tea and herbal teas that have already collected a lot of success in the restaurant clientele, in addition to the most precious spices and natural extracts. From that moment our customers can make and taste even in their homes a good part of what they already consume in our restaurant, buying the unmistakable Black Tea and Green Tea, the natural herbal teas, the famous Persian Saffron, the Cardamom unique in the world, the Buds and hand-filtered Rose Water and numerous other natural extracts.

In 2016 the second store opens in the historic center of Como, a few steps from the lake and the central Piazza Cavour and Piazza Volta.

In a historical and very exclusive context, in the vaulted medieval halls reproducing the rooms of the historic buildings of the Shahs of Persia, in addition to marketing all the products already present in the Lecco shop, our Company significantly expands its offer to customers, both thanks to commercial agreements with the rich Bazaars of Iran that supply Persian handicrafts of great artistic value, both thanks to the renewed partnership with Atelier Lotus Design, of which the two partners Hooman and Sepideh are still Stylists, which enriches the showroom present in the shop with its unique creations and a line of exclusive accessories that cannot be found anywhere else.

In 2019 Cardamomo Srl is enriched with a new Persian Palace in Lecco, with the restructuring and conservative restoration of three large rooms located in the Palazzina Stoppani right in the center of the Lecco living room in Piazza XX Settembre.

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