Persian Palace


Ristorante Persiano - Sala da Té
Persian Restaurant - Tea House

Via Vitani 35

22100 Como (Italy)

from Tuesday to Friday

15.30 - 22.30

Saturday and Sunday

12.00 - 22.30

Monday closed

Room reservation for events, exhibitions,

ceremonies, presentations, etc.


The ancient ritual of tea is renewed daily in the private living room of the Shah of Persia, where the most exclusive and valuable selections of tea, herbal teas, blends and natural extracts are offered to the welcome guest, prepared and served with the utmost respect for the millennial Persian tradition.
The historic vaulted rooms, the Persian-style furnishings, the exclusive craftsmanship from the rich Bazaars of Iran, transport the guest to an authentic corner of ancient Persia, nestled in the heart of the medieval Como district "della Cortesella".


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