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After crossing the Mediterranean Sea to reach the shores of one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, I'll take you to a place in the immediate vicinity to discover the legendary civilization of Persia.

We will take a journey through its history, breathing in the fragrances of the Isfahan market, visiting the mansions of the Zendiyeh period, enjoying the colors of the tulips of the Qajar dynasty, savoring the exquisite Persian food of Chef Hooman, winner of the award for best Chef of 2020, discovering the Golestan Hall, the private room of this restaurant dedicated to Shah Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and Queen Farah Pahlavi, furnished with furniture made and hand painted by Iranian artists, antique chandeliers, unique tiles, old mirrors, all this in the historic Casa Stoppani , in the beautiful city center of Lecco.

This is not just a restaurant, this is an experience. It is not necessary to travel to Iran, just be our guest: Iranian history, food, wines, tasty herbal teas, everything is ready for you in this beautiful historical complex.

We have come from the East to become the narrators of the oldest country in the world, in the country of art and culture.

The colour, the fragrance, the history, the music and the delicious food of the Persian Palace invite you to this experience.





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