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The Secret of
Thousand and One Nights

Music and dance accompany
guests on a fairytale journey
discovering flavours, colors and culture

Secret -Via Trasimeno 84/9, Milan
info: tel.0341 1944666

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A small number of selected customers and friends are invited to participate in these exclusive multi-sensory events held inside Secret, a one-of-a-kind location.

During the evening, the Artist Designer Andrea Dall'Olio welcomes guests in his secret garden and, accompanied by dances and music inspired by the Arabian Nights, Chef Hooman, winner of Cuochi d'Italia nel Mondo, proposes gastronomic journeys to discover of a new world.

The cost of each event, including an aperitif, dinner accompanied by drinks and wines, tasting of tea, herbal teas and sweets, dances and traditional music, is €200.00 per person.

Since the number of participants is limited and exclusive, reservations are required.

Reservations, menus and further information at the following link:

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